New Eastwood Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center Celebrates Resident Muriel Hartline’s 106th Birthday

Easton Skilled Nursing Facility Surprises Centenarian with 106 Cards from Collingswood High School, Her Alma Mater EASTON, Pa., Feb. 6, 2020 – When asked her secret to living a long life, Muriel Hartline, a 106-year-old resident at New Eastwood Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center in Easton, quickly responded, “having faith in God and playing the piano […]

Marquis Health Services Launches Bedside Hemodialysis at New Eastwood Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

Coordination with DaVita Kidney Care Brings Treatment to Easton, Pa., Skilled Nursing Facility    EASTON, Pa., Nov. 21, 2019 – Marquis Health Services has contracted with DaVita Kidney Care to bring staff-assisted bedside hemodialysis to its New Eastwood Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center in Easton. The new offering is designed to improve patient quality of life while significantly reducing hospital readmissions, and it […]

New Eastwood Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center Celebrates Walter Smith’s 95th Birthday

WWII Vet has been Resident of Easton, Pa., Skilled Nursing Facility Since 2009  EASTON, Pa., July 12, 2019 – Never one to miss a celebration, Walter Smith, a resident at New Eastwood Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center in Easton, was sure to invite all the residents, staff and physicians at the skilled nursing facility to join in his […]

New Eastwood Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center Enhances Cardio Pulmonary Care Program, Adding Piped-in Oxygen and In-wall Suctioning Capabilities

Easton, Pa., Skilled Nursing Facility’s Specialized Programs Meet Area Needs  New Eastwood Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center, a Marquis Health Services member, has enhanced its Cardio Pulmonary Care Program, introducing piped-in oxygen and in-wall suctioning capabilities. The initiative continues Marquis’ enhancement of New Eastwood’s specialty programming following the completion of a multi-million-dollar capital campaign to modernize […]

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