Spiritual Life

Spiritual sustenance and emotional support are an essential part of our resident care. Chaplain Jerry Herauf, New Eastwood’s Spiritual Director, is on hand to provide counseling and spiritual guidance to our residents, their families and staff.

Trained in Bereavement Support and Workshop Facilitation in Spirituality and Prayer, Chaplain Herauf offers Bereavement Support Groups twice annually to loved ones of those who have passed in our facility as well as to the community. This group helps participants address their new “normal” and provides them with the tools to resume living their lives. He also provides Memorial Services, twice a year, for loved ones of those who have passed at New Eastwood.

Our weekly religious offerings include:

Sunday Worship Service – 2:30 pm (Birchwood Dining Room)
1st – 1st Baptist Church
2nd – 1st Baptist Church
3rd – Greater Shiloh
4th – Soul Winners

Bible Study: 1:45 pm (Birchwood Dining Room)

Rosary Club: 1:45 pm (Birchwood Dining Room)
Choir: 2:30 pm (Birchwood Dining Room)

Prayer Warriors: 3:30 pm (Birchwood Dining Room)