Areas We Serve

The New Eastwood Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center proudly offers the following services to residents of the following cities and towns:

Subacute Rehabilitation Easton, PA
Subacute Rehabilitation Allentown, PA
Subacute Rehabilitation Bangor, PA
Subacute Rehabilitation Bethlehem, PA
Subacute Rehabilitation Nazareth, PA
Subacute Rehabilitation Phillipsburg, NJ
Subacute Rehabilitation East Stroudsburg, PA
Cardiac Recovery Easton, PA
Cardiac Recovery Allentown, PA
Cardiac Recovery Bangor, PA
Cardiac Recovery Bethlehem, PA
Cardiac Recovery Nazareth, PA
Cardiac Recovery Phillipsburg, NJ
Cardiac Recovery East Stroudsburg, PA
Neuro Recovery Easton, PA
Neuro Recovery Allentown, PA
Neuro Recovery Bangor, PA
Neuro Recovery Bethlehem, PA
Neuro Recovery Nazareth, PA
Neuro Recovery Phillipsburg, NJ
Neuro Recovery East Stroudsburg, PA
Orthopedic Rehab Easton, PA
Orthopedic Rehab Allentown, PA
Orthopedic Rehab Bangor, PA
Orthopedic Rehab Bethlehem, PA
Orthopedic Rehab Nazareth, PA
Orthopedic Rehab Phillipsburg, NJ
Orthopedic Rehab East Stroudsburg, PA
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Easton, PA
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Allentown, PA
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Bangor, PA
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Bethlehem, PA
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Nazareth, PA
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Phillipsburg, NJ
Pulmonary Rehabilitation East Stroudsburg, PA

and other surrounding communities!

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