Cardiac Rehabilitation Facility Near Bethlehem, PA

A New Lease on Life

Our specialized Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, under the expert direction of esteemed cardiologist, Dr. Koroush Khalighi, is constructed to assist individuals who are suffering from challenging or life-threatening heart conditions, those who may be recovering from a cardiac event or surgical procedure and those who are at risk for cardiovascular disease.

The New Eastwood Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center uses innovative technology and strong fundamental rehabilitation techniques. Best of all, our facility is conveniently located in Easton, PA, just a short trip from your home in Bethlehem, PA.

Services and Benefits include:

  • Routine Visits and clinical oversight from Program Director and Board Certified Cardiologist Koroush Khalighi, M.D. and his physician extenders
  • 24/7 Cardiac Monitoring as deemed appropriate
  • 24/7 Skilled Nursing Supervision by Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) trained and certified nursing staff
  • 7 day per week Therapy Services as ordered
  • 24/7 Access to Laboratory and Radiology Services
  • Cardiac Diet and Education as overseen by Registered Dietitian
  • Multidisciplinary Approach to Care and Rehabilitation Services
  • Personalized Treatment Plan designed with individual medical and personal goals
  • On-Site Availability to Nurse Practitioner
  • Post-Discharge Assistance and Follow up by licensed medical team leaders

Throughout your stay, our team meets weekly to discuss your progress, with Dr. Khalighi monitoring the implementation of your treatment plan.

Contact us today at 610-258-2801 to discuss effective Cardiac Rehabilitation.

Bethlehem is a city located in Northampton and Lehigh Counties, Pennsylvania, in the Lehigh Valley with a population of 74,982, making it the seventh largest city in the state of Pennsylvania. The areas along the Delaware River and its tributaries in eastern Pennsylvania were long inhabited by indigenous peoples of various cultures. By the time of European contact, these areas were the historic territory of the Algonquian-speaking Lenape Nation, which had three main divisions, the Unami, Unalachtigo, and Munsee.

Resources for Bethlehem Seniors and Their Families:

MusikFest – MusikFest is a community event that is one of the largest and most diverse music festivals in the nation featuring music, food and fun.

Historic Bethlehem – The Historic Bethlehem Museums and Sites brings history to life by educating the public about Bethlehem’s rich heritage, by preserving historic sites and by collecting, preserving and exhibiting historical and artistic objects that can be used to tell the stories of Bethlehem’s people.

Christkindlemarkt Bethlehem – The Christkindlemarkt in Bethlehem features delicious food, live Christmas music and beautiful handmade works by some of the nation’s finest artisans.




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